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  • Molly Bakewell Chamberlin

New Titan Tool Supply 16-LED Ring Illuminator Streamlines Industrial Microscopy Tasks

Updated: Feb 14

Titan Tool Supply TR.L1 16-LED Ring Illuminator

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Buffalo, NY, USA – February 12, 2024 - Titan Tool Supply Inc., a global supplier of industry-grade optical instrumentation and precision micro-finishing tools, has introduced the Model TR.L1, a specialized 16-LED Ring Illuminator, designed to streamline industrial microscopy workflows.


Designed for seamless compatibility with Titan Tool Supply CS Centering Microscopes, Modular Toolscopes, and similar models, the TR.L1 features a robust aluminum construction for durability. Its 360° shadow-free illumination provides consistent lighting while eliminating obstructive shadows, making it ideal for detailed examinations and precision work. The flicker-free light source ensures perfect incident illumination and reduced eye strain during extended use.


The integrated brightness controller simplifies operation with adjustable brightness (0-100%) and an onboard memory function. This allows end-users to retain preferred settings, providing a user-friendly experience. The 24V DC 1A output power, universal power input, and global plug compatibility ensure ease of use in diverse locations. Practically designed, the TR.L1's ring dimensions, weight, and working distance specifications are carefully considered for various microscopy setups, providing convenience without compromising functionality.


The variable clamping diameter, adjustable with a reducing ring, facilitates seamless integration with existing microscope setups and in-house equipment, providing end-users with flexibility and adaptability.


Typical applications for the TR.L1 16-LED Ring Illuminator include manufacturing QA inspections, material analysis, electronic components inspection, medical device manufacturing, micro-assembly, pharmaceutical research, forensic investigations, and metallurgical examinations. For more information about the new TR.L1 or other products offered by Titan Tool Supply, please contact the company at 716-873-9907, email, or visit Product Webpage:


About Titan Tool Supply: 

Since 1952, Titan Tool Supply has supported more than 5,700 customers in over 50 countries with its industrial-grade optical instrumentation offerings, including within the automotive, aerospace, commercial aviation, casting and parts manufacturing, gas and diesel engine, in-laboratory R&D, manufacturing quality assurance, oil and gas pipeline, shipping container, power generation, and industrial machinery and equipment industries. The company’s most popular standard product lines include rigid and flexible industrial borescopes, industrial videoscopes, tool scopes, alignment telescopes, and centering, toolmaker, stereo, and monocular zoom microscopes. Approximately 85% of the company’s standard product portfolio is also fully video-adaptable. In addition, Titan Tool Supply offers a series of high-precision video lens systems specially designed for enhanced resolution and visualization. 


PR Author/Advertising & Editorial: Ms. Molly Bakewell Chamberlin

President / Industry Subject Matter Expert Embassy Global, LLC

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