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  • Molly Bakewell Chamberlin

Titan Tool Supply Introduces Industrial Inspection Monocular Zoom Microscope for Manufacturing QA

April 17, 2023 - Buffalo, New York, USATitan Tool Supply Inc., a worldwide supplier of industrial-grade optical instrumentation and precision micro finishing tools, has announced the introduction of its Model ZMM-1 industrial inspection monocular zoom microscope. The Model ZMM-1 is designed to provide manufacturers of smaller components and materials with reliable, accurate, real-time quality control and remote visual inspection capabilities across a full production cycle. Featuring a 1:4 zoom ratio, the Titan Tool Supply Model ZMM-1 industrial inspection zoom microscope offers features such as a constant focal length, highly favorable depth of field, a large field of view at 15X magnification, and a higher magnification with smaller field of view at 60X as standard. When used with the optional extra 20X eyepiece, the Model ZMM-1 can additionally perform reliable and accurate remote visual inspections of a workpiece over an expanded magnification of up to 120X –without the need to change the lens. The Model ZMM-1 industrial inspection zoom microscope may be operated in either the vertical or horizontal position. The unit comes mounted onto a desktop pillar stand, and with further option for extended rod lengths. Typical applications for the Model ZMM-1 industrial inspection zoom microscope include root cause evaluations of mini-component failures, such as pin cracks, casting blow holes, and welding and soldering issues; as well as sensors and microelectronics components manufacturing, assembly, welding, soldering, and IC fabrication, assembly, testing and quality inspection. They are also used to support semiconductor wafer manufacturing, photonics and optoelectronics component manufacturing, cleanroom desktop workstations, woven cloth manufacturing QA, and wearables R&D.

For more information about the Model ZMM-1 industrial inspection monocular zoom microscope, or other industrial-grade optical instrumentation available from Titan Tool Supply, please contact the company at 716-873-9907, via email at, or visit


About Titan Tool Supply:

Since 1952, Titan Tool Supply has supported more than 5,700 customers in over 50 countries with its industrial-grade optical instrumentation offerings, including within the automotive, aerospace, commercial aviation, casting and parts manufacturing, gas and diesel engine, in-laboratory R&D, manufacturing quality assurance, oil and gas pipeline, shipping container, power generation, and industrial machinery and equipment industries. Some of the company’s most popular standard product lines include rigid and flexible industrial borescopes; industrial videoscopes; tool scopes; alignment telescopes; and centering, toolmaker, stereo, and monocular zoom microscopes. Approximately 85% of the company’s standard product portfolio is also fully video adaptable. In addition, Titan Tool Supply offers a series of its own high-precision video lens systems, specially designed for enhanced resolution and visualization capabilities.


PR Author/Advertising & Editorial: Molly Bakewell Chamberlin President / Industry Subject Matter Expert Embassy Global, LLC

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